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When an Interim CEO is appointed, the profitability of the business is in focus as the right Interim CEO makes the business perform at the top level. Our Interim CEO has long solid experience of CEO roles and quickly lands in the assignment by using his experience of how the business’ organization works.

With extensive knowledge, long experience and special competence, a CEO has the ability to analyze the figures and find what can be improved or prevented through a change in the business. You can expect an Interim CEO who is used to quickly getting acquainted with new situations with the support of other members of the management team. An Interim CEO will quickly identify what changes need to be implemented to achieve the desired profitability.

If you are facing a need for change of any kind, we will help you find an Interim CEO. With a unique network of top candidates, we can help you find the right person for challenging assignments.

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Who is suitable as Interim CEO?

An Interim CEO is a person appointed by a company's board to assume the role of CEO during a transitional period or as a result of the sudden resignation of the company's former CEO. You are used to strategic work where you have the ultimate responsibility for the company's business development and financial management for a turnaround.

To fill the top spot with the right Interim CEO, experts recommend a strategy that balances "business as usual" with tactics that recognize and adapt to the unusual nature of the situation. And it's not a job for anyone. Interim CEO must come in with a complete range of strategic and leading skills - and that will make the transition effective.

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"An Interim CEO identifies immediate vulnerabilities and ensures that current or pending critical points are not missed."

Interim CEO who creates a positive turnaround

Mason is your partner when you need an Interim CEO for a turnaround. The interim managers in our network have a far-reaching background in similar roles and assignments. With experience in the CEO combined with previous leadership roles, our Interim CEO can deliver a turnaround for your company in an efficient and smooth way.

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