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The right Interim Marketing Manager makes the business develop through new ways of thinking and strategy. Regardless of which industry it is or whether the assignment is strategic or operational. With long experience, valuable knowledge and special competence, the Marketing Manager has the power of implementation in combination with a secure and stable leadership. By having the right skills on board in the form of an Interim Marketing Manager or Interim CMO, the work also becomes even sharper and creates a positive development for the business.

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Who is suitable as Interim Marketing Manager?

As an Interim Marketing Manager and Interim CMO, you are used to both strategic and operational work where you have the ultimate responsibility for the company's business development and marketing. This means reporting the marketing work to the CEO and the board with work to design and develop working methods, routines and guidelines.

This strategic as well as operational work includes tasks such as: budgeting, follow-up and analyzes, business management, business development and an extremely overall responsibility for marketing.

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"An Interim Marketing Manager has a unique profile with solid experience, secure leadership and a strong force of implementation"

When should I hire an Interim Marketing Manager or Interim CMO?

- In case of lack of leadership and routines
- When expanding the business
- When moving factory
- To introduce structures / processes / routines
- In the case of internationalization
- Upon entry into new markets
- When needed for support in specific projects

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