Interim Factory Manager – quickly performs improvement work

With the right experienced Interim Factory Manager, the person can quickly familiarize themselves, lead and develop the business to an improved result. In Mason’s network, we have a wide selection of top candidates who possess valuable competence and experience from various industries. We have the Interim Factory Manager you are looking for, regardless of whether it concerns the manufacturing industry, process industry, food or medical technology.

Thanks to his solid experience, there are good conditions for quickly reaching set goals, even though the starting distance can be very short. An Interim Factory Manager has a good habit of conducting improvement work based on the Lean method. This is done to make the entire organization more optimized and profitable.

If you are facing a need for change of any kind, we will help you find an Interim Factory Manager. With a unique network of top candidates, we can help you find the right person for challenging assignments.

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How can an Interim Factory Manager change management?

The role as Interim Factory Manager requires that you can quickly get to grips with the business and deliver results. We know how important it will then be to find the right person for the assignment. Being without a Factory Manager at the wrong time can have major consequences for the entire business.

Our network has a wide selection of senior Factory Managers from most industries. They are used to building organizations, working with full responsibility, leading and developing both factory teams and processes.

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"An Interim Factory Manager has a unique profile, clear leadership and a strong drive"

We find the optimal Interim factory Manager

Our process is clearly documented and ensures that the manager meets your requirements. We produce the most suitable Interim Factory Manager for your business. It is a great advantage to use us when we need an Interim Factory Manager instead of starting a recruitment process that can be long and time consuming. It is also possible to use our Interim Manager at the same time as you are looking for a permanent solution in parallel.

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