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A role as Interim Group Controller places high competence requirements on accounting, reporting and controlling. We are here to help your organization find an Interim Group Controller that delivers the highest quality right from the start. Our network consists of many qualified and experienced controllers, all with their cutting-edge expertise. Our Interim Group Controller has solid experience of consolidated accounting, consolidation, and consolidated reporting, usually in international environments.

The right Interim Group Controller drives the change work so that your organization’s governance, control and follow-up can be developed in an optimal way. We at Mason are well aware of how important it is to have the right person in the right place to achieve both results and development.


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We help you match the right Interim Group Controller to your specific needs.

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Who is suitable as an Interim Group Controller?

You are used to taking ownership and getting into the organization quickly. All to gain an understanding of the company's guidelines, routines, processes and communication channels. Working as an Interim Group Controller requires you to be independent and communicative.

The role as Interim Group Controller is both strategic and operational, where you have the ultimate responsibility for the company's group management, accounting and reporting. Furthermore, as an Interim Group Controller, you have the ability to design and develop working methods, routines and guidelines.

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"An Interim Group Controller feels ownership, is communicative and has stable leadership"

When should I hire an Interim Group Controller?

- In case of lack of leadership and routines
- When expanding the business
- When moving factory
- To introduce structures / processes / routines
- In the case of internationalization
- Upon entry into new markets
- When needed for support in specific projects

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