With experience in the industry since 2002, the team at Mason has been a pioneer in many areas to develop the industry for Interim Management in Sweden and internationally. Today, Mason delivers strategic leadership supplies with interim executives in Sweden and with partners in 26 countries.

Mason publishes Guide to Interim Management to teach customers to use Mason’s and the industry’s services and to give Interim Managers a guide to common values ​​in the industry. The guide is based on market research in Sweden and internationally with personal interviews with both clients and Interim Managers.

An Interim Manager in the organization is a strategic leadership supply that connects to the client’s strategic goals where each need and each solution is unique.
An Interim Manager is an operational leader with responsibility for results who revitalizes the organization when the assignment is carried out.

We hope you find the Guide to Interim Management interesting and valuable in your work.

We distribute Guide to Interim Management via Adlibris.

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