New name heralds next phase of 20-year organization.

Senior Management Worldwide is pleased to announce that as of today, its organization will continue under the name Interim Management Worldwide.

Håkan Ossmyr, CEO, Mason Executive Interim, Sweden: “Since years we are a proud partner of Interim Management Worldwide. In the year that marks our 20th anniversary, our network organization is bigger and more important than ever. We have now grown to a network of more than 25 partners with over 65 offices across 6 continents worldwide. This makes us a large, but above all valuable partner for internationally operating organizations in need of Interim Management.”

Partners of Interim Management Worldwide meet twice a year for a partner meeting. Besides exchanging insights and success stories, they focus on the association’s expansion and strategic direction for the coming years. And of course: there is plenty of room for personal meetings and networking.

“One of the discussions last year was whether our name still fit well with our global representation and our activities. We decided to change our name in the year we celebrate our 20th anniversary. A nice gift, also to ourselves!”

About Interim Management Worldwide

Interim Management Worldwide is represented globally with 26 partners in more than 65 offices across 6 continents.  IMW delivers services seamlessly in any market in Europe, North & South America, Asia, Australia, Africa and Middle East. For more information:

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