Build an E-commerce, develop retail, find new suppliers, ensure that they meet our requirements. Move a factory, build a market function, internationalize with acquisitions or establish sales companies, develop a new market. Streamline processes that meet wholesalers’ requirements, organizational challenges in growth or running a company in a turn around, integrating acquisitions, changes in ownership or carrying out a stock exchange listing are situations that require unique skills and experience.

Regardless of the industry in which the company operates, there are many similarities in the challenges it faces in its strategic leadership supply. The personal leadership in combination with successful experiences of similar situations are keys to a well-executed assignment where an Interim Manager can be a solution.

The team at Mason has a long and broad experience of leading positions in manufacturing, trading and distribution for listed or privately owned companies. We offer leadership supply with a large and broad competence at C-level of Interim executives in all functions – in Sweden and internationally.


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