Examples of situations that require unique skills and experience in the industry: moving a factory, internationalization, developing a new market, organizational challenges in growth or running a company in a turn around, integrating acquisitions, changes of ownership or conducting a stock exchange listing.

In connection with digitalisation and other major changes when productivity increases rapidly or new markets are added in a short time, a lack of leadership sometimes arises. This cannot be solved with management. Here, Interim Managers are an important resource for managing the strategic leadership supply.

A temporary leader can also go in and supplement the company’s specialists, such as program or project managers, to drive change that leads to the strategic goals.

The team at Mason has a long and broad experience of leading positions in the manufacturing industry in Sweden and internationally. We offer solutions with a large and broad competence at C-level of Interim Executives in all functions – in Sweden and internationally.

We also offer specialists such as programs or project managers and heavy project managers in situations where a temporary leader complements the company’s available ability to drive change to achieve strategic goals.


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