Private Equity

Mason has extensive experience of working with leadership supply to companies with Private Equity as owner. In value-creating activities, experienced leaders in Finance, HR or Operations are required. Acquisitions, growth or turn around situations with clear and experienced leaders who enter into temporary assignments at short notice. People with extensive experience of working in companies with PE companies as owners. Extensive experience of driving change to increase the organization’s performance with a lasting result.

For example, an assignment as CFO can be a key position to get corporate governance and reporting structure in place. People with high capacity and pace for handling liquidity and financing issues. Fearless and questioning with a clear leadership and business acumen. More controller than acccounting in his profile and key person in team with CEO.

In our international organization SMW, we have extensive experience of working in cross border solutions together with PE companies and investors in their portfolio companies worldwide.

When the HR function is in place, the board can carry out a good recruitment of an HR manager for a long-term solution.

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