How does an experienced Interim Manager lead a company in a turnaround? Companies in a turnaround situation are not insolvent, but require a restructuring to cope with long-term survival and development.

A successful result based on experience. Mason has more than 100 Turnaround specialists in the network. They all have documented experience of creating value and leading successful businesses.

Experience. Integrity. Quick results. Mason has worked with leadership supply for over 15 years. Mason helps corporate executives, owners and investors with strategic leadership to increase the organization’s performance with a lasting result. Fast and secure are key words for developing solutions with temporary leaders who can handle companies in a transition.

  • Quick and thorough business and situation analysis as a basis for decisions.
  • An CEO / CFO / Specialist with extensive experience in the industry leads the work.
  • Support from specialist expertise in Mason’s network.
  • Rapid implementation of cash flow management.
  • Restoring confidence from banks and financiers to gain time for the implementation of strengthened strategies and new tactics.
  • Introduction of a clear communication plan for all stakeholders.
  • Celebrate every success


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